ReForce User Registration Pop-Up

ReForce User Registration Pop-Up


ReForce User Registration Pop-Up

ReForce User Registration Pop-Up is a lightweight, highly customizable template driven user registration and login pop-up. ReForce pop-up has been specifically designed for WordPress, BuddyPress, BBpress and WooCommerce web-shops that require visitors to log-in to browse through the site or shop and helps convert visitors into leads.

ReForce pop-up can be used just as custom login pop-up or it ca be configured as all-in-one solution to covert your expensive PPC traffic to leads that can be used further for email marketing.

ReForce will gracefully lock the screen with login/signup pop-up. Site owner can set time delay for pop-up to appear on specified pages;

PopUp can be enabled just on specified pages or it may be disabled on specified pages like privacy policy for example. Timer can be disabled as well, in that case pop-up can be triggered by click on button or specified menu item.

All user registrations can be synchronized with mailchimp opt-in process or with any other email responder that provides wordpress plugin with signup synchronization.


  • Full site lock with signup / login pop-up
  • Triggered by click or by time delay
  • Responsive, optimized for mobile
  • White-list, keep specified pages locked/unlocked
  • Redirect to any page after Login/SignUp/Logout
  • Editable pop-up responsive grid template
  • Youtube videos on pop-up
  • MailChimp synchronization


  • WordPress 3.5+
  • WooCommerce 2.1+
  • BBpress 2.0+
  • BuddyPress 2.0+